What’s New -vSphere 6.5

  •  vCenter Server Appliance the fundamental building block of a vSphere 6.5 environment.
  • Capabilities such as vSphere host management (with a fully integrated vSphere Update Manager), file-based backup and recovery, native VCSA high availability.
  • API friendly eco-system – REST-based APIs for VM Management.
  • HTML5-based vSphere Client provides a modern user interface experience that is both responsive and easy to use.
  • VM-level disk encryption capability designed to protect against unauthorized data access.
  • Developers and Operations -Cohesive collaboration with Vmware Integrated Containers.
  • Secure Boot – Protection  from  both the hypervisor and guest operating system.
  • Live migrate workloads between VMware based clouds with Cross-Cloud vMotion.
  • Native Array vVol Replication.